Ranui Central Community Facility


At Ranui we are extremely grateful for the significant support that the Waitakere Licensing Trust and A.S.B. Bank have given towards this project. These two Trusts have funded the bulk of the project, especially Waitakere Licensing Trust.

The facility has within it a commercial kitchen, a café style set up that can be divided into two rooms by a sound proof door. It has high quality sound gear built in, data projector, DVD/video player, etc for seminars.

There is no intention to ever make a profit off this facility, but we do want to ensure that we cover costs.


Currently there are a number of groups booked into use the facility: life skill courses, parenting courses, cultural groups, music groups, youth groups, Mainly Music, etc.

To book the facilities, or for a copy of our booking sheet and useful information, please phone the office Monday and Friday 8.30am – 12.30pm, 833-7815 or email: ranuibaptist@xtra.co.nz