Message from Pastor Matthew

6pm SUNDAY 9TH DECEMBER  TESTIMONY Neetheam Al-muhaisen

Join us at 6pm to hear this amazing testimony.

About six months ago Neetheam wandered into Ranui Baptist Church, thinking that we were probably fluffy Christians with no depth in the Word, but instead, he found sincere, genuine believers and decided to keep coming. His Dad was a staunch Muslim from Iraq. His Mum was from a Muslim Indian family from Fiji, who came to the Lord through the influence of a school friend.
Neetheam was influenced by his mother’s faith but had an Islamic political mindset from his father, which deceived him into having a lot of hatred for the West and for Israel. Come tonight to hear how Neetheam was brought to the place of love and surrender.



We have now printed 8000 tracts using the wonderful testimony of God’s grace in the life of Robert Brown. Many people will be drawn to the Lord this year through the life-changing message of the gospel. Read the testimony HERE.


Praise Jesus that He came from Heaven and lived on this earth to show us the path to God. All people need to know that their past sins can be forgiven and they can receive a new life in Christ.

‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth’ (John 1:14).

Rejoice in the Lord and praise His holy name, Pastor Matthew

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If you are new to the church and would like a visit from one of the pastoral team, please fill in your details on the information card in the foyer and give it to a Host or Church leader. Ranui Baptist Church is a place 'where people matter' - a place where you are valued. Feel free to come and look, ask questions and be yourself. We would enjoy your company over a coffee or cup of tea after the service.

Mission Statement

To be a church family of servants, meeting in multiple services; where everyone of every generation and culture is involved in ministry.
To be a place where people are led to Christ and discipled through genuine, faith building friendships.
To be a church where new believers are quickly set free, healed and released into their God given ministries.
To be a church that is known for His power and His practical love, a church that knows the urgency of the hour.
We believe that there will be baptisms every week.