Church Services

Sunday Services:
All ages 10.00am, and 6:00pm (Specific courses not every week)

If you are new to the church and would like a visit from one of the pastoral team, please fill in your details on the grey information card in the foyer. Then please give it to a Host or Church leader. Ranui Baptist Church is a place 'where people matter' - a place where you can be valued. Feel free to come and look, ask questions and be yourself. We would enjoy your company over a coffee or cup of tea after the service.

Mission Statement

To be a church family of servants, meeting in multiple services; where everyone of every generation and culture is involved in ministry.
To be a place where people are led to Christ and discipled through genuine, faith building friendships.
To be a church where new believers are quickly set free, healed and released into their God given ministries.
To be a church that is known for His power and His practical love, a church that knows the urgency of the hour.
We believe that there will be baptisms every week.

What’s On and News Updates

Church Services

The church will continue with a single morning service at 10:00 am until further notice. The evening service starts at 6pm      

Updating ministry info/adding church event.

Hi all, If your wanting to create an event, add information to your ministry, or add a new ministry, or anything website related please contact the church office at

How to connect to God

New to Christianity? Find out how you can experience God today. 17 minute video by Pastor Russell

Church Membership Explained

Want to know more ?

(password for these videos is: beginthegreatestadventurenow)

Is there more to life than this?

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Who is Jesus?

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Why did he die?

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Bible Study (Foundations for new Christians)

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How to Join God's Family by Pastor Russell Watts and Melanie Carroll

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The above booklets are not subject to copywrite law and will be updated periodically. Anyone is free to download and use them. However, as Ranui Baptist Church is a fellowship of limited means in a needy community we ask that you consider making a donation to Ranui Baptist Church. Please contact the Church Office for further information.