About Us


Vision of Purpose

“To love God together, where people know they matter, and where Jesus is Lord.”


Our Mission

“To demonstrate to our world the love of Jesus and the reality of His Kingdom.”

To serve, bless and encourage others by our faith, words and actions.

To our world,
our family, friends, colleagues and community.

Where Jesus reigns and everyone’s hope is restored.

Our Visionary Goal (2025)

“Our Church is bursting at the seams. The presence of Jesus is seen every day in miracles and in a restoration of hope that impacts Ranui and beyond.”

Beliefs and Values

  • We will always put the needs of the pre-Christian and young Christian above our own.
  • The hope of the world, Jesus Christ, is primarily communicated through the local church.
  • Every church group/activity must have a kingdom purpose and kingdom fruit to justify its existence.
  • Rather than finding people to fill positions we will be guided by people’s giftings and passions and run only ministries that ‘the church’ creates.
  • We will not fear letting some established ministries cease if people aren’t called of God to run them, or if there is no kingdom fruit.
  • We believe that ‘we’ are the temples of the Holy Spirit (not the church buildings).
  • We need to become a church that will reach our grandchildren.  This will constantly challenge our comfort zone.
  • We encourage the church family to meet regularly on a Sunday and during the week. We have a number of care /home groups operating throughout the week.
  • The local church should be a place where leaders are honoured and all who minister often are affirmed.
  • We believe that God has primarily called us to be a mission station to reach West Auckland for the Kingdom.
  • We believe God is at work drawing people to Jesus Christ and so we expect a good kingdom response to our sharing our faith with our  friends!
  • Time is short. Christ’s return is imminent. The hour to act is now.


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All ages 10.00am and 6:00pm 

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