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What Nature did you Receive when you were Born Again?

Alan Telford
I gave you my nature and adopted you into My Family so we could fellowship together – Spirit to spirit. I created you for a purpose: to be my son, my daughter, so I could be a Father to you. My previous message focused on God’s desire to become our Father and to have real family fellowship, spirit to spirit. He didn’t want a lesser fellowship such as He got from angels, or the restricted fellowship He received from Old Testament saints who still had a sin nature (which can be compared to kissing through a covid mask, or hugging in a sumo suit). To have family fellowship we must first be family, which leads today’s message – How God miraculously made a way through the new birth for us to become His family. But why is God giving us His nature? What’s wrong with the one we’ve already got? And how does our spirit even fellowship with Him?
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