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What do you See? Part 3 – The Spirit of Caleb – Obstacles, Opposition or Opportunity? – Numbers 13:1-33

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
God had promised, “This is the land - I am ‘giving’ to my people! So send out one leader from each of the 12 tribes”. Their mission was clear - to scout out land…and answer specific questions about what they found there. Were there many people? Were the cities well protected? What is the soil like? What kinds of crops do they grow there? Bring some samples back. So off they went and they came back after 40 days and reported to Moses. Ten of them bought reports confirming that indeed the land was filled with milk honey and good things, but that giants (Nephilim) – sons of Anak - live there. We cannot take them, they are too strong for us. And they spread this report among their people too, so that the fear and unbelief took hold. In fact, they exaggerated the situation, they said these giants are so big ‘we seem like grasshoppers' to them.
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