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Hear the word of the lord

The Revelation to John about the Birth of Jesus

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
When the US President George Bush flew into Bagdad one Christmas some years ago, on a secret visit, every detail planned, every contingency catered for, security, emergency medical supplies with his blood type, bomb squads, sniffer dogs, police snipers, no-fly zones for aircraft, …. nothing was too much trouble to get it right. But when God visited our world one other Christmas night it was a very different scenario. A 15-year-old pregnant teenage girl, she will arrive by donkey, she will come to Bethlehem on a night when the village is full of visitors, be born in a dirty cowshed out the back of the local pub, and later on a jealous King Herod will be trying to kill him and every other male baby born at that time.... what kind of a strategy is that for God to visit planet earth?
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