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Hear the word of the lord

The Gospel of John – Woman caught in adultery

Grahame Walker
We can see from the phrase, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery”. These men are making a legal claim. They possess evidence that the law requires to convict this woman. The law required strong testimony from two witnesses who saw the couple having sex. Both witnesses had to see the same thing at the same time and be able to positively identify the man and women involved. To obtain such evidence the witnesses had to set a trap. The law also required the witnesses to act with compassion. If a person witnesses another about to commit a sin, compassion required them to speak up. These witnesses stand quietly neglecting their moral obligation to give guidance to the woman. Further, where is her lover? If they were caught in the act of adultery, he was caught too. These accusers have let him get clean away without any consequences.
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