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The Gospel of John – Final Prayers

Grahame Walker
John chapter 17 gives us a glimpse into the heart of Jesus, unlike any other chapter in the four Gospels. If the Gospel of John is written by the beloved disciple, then this chapter is the beloved chapter. It is the longest prayer we have from Jesus. The Gospel of Luke often mentions Jesus at prayer (Luke 3:21, 5:16, 6:12, 9:18, 28-29, 11:1, 22:41-45, 23:46). Listening to the prayers of someone else provides a look into the deeper recesses of their heart and certainly this is true of the prayers of Jesus in chapter seventeen. John 17 invites us to listen in on a conversation. It is a divine conversation of the highest order, in which Jesus speaks of the completion of his tasks on earth and prays earnestly for his followers both present and future. Therefore, it offers a glimpse of who Jesus is in relation to the Father and it gives us a portrait of those things that are close to Jesus’ heart in the last days of his life among his disciples on earth. These prayers unveil his incredible love for his followers and his eagerness to return to the Father.
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