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Hear the word of the lord

Ranui Baptist Church – Big Bites 2024

Grahame Walker
The call goes out to Alphaeus and he responds immediately. Interestingly, there is no confession of faith, just obedience. Some have asked the question whether the tax collector had known Jesus previously and therefore was prepared to answer the call of Christ, the text is stubbornly silent on this point. Everything depends on the call and then the act of obedience to follow Jesus. There is no miracle or interaction between Jesus and Levi. One thing is clear, the call comes from Jesus Christ himself. This is why the tax collector follows. This encounter gives witness to Jesus’ unconditional, immediate and inexplicable authority. Nothing precedes it and nothing follows except the obedience of the one who is called. Jesus has the authority to call and to demand obedience to his word.
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