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Hear the word of the lord

Summer in the Psalms Series – Psalm 149-150

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
Two years ago, Judy and I were in Switzerland and we travelled up the cable car to Mt Blanc from the picturesque village of Chamonix. I could at this point show you a video of Judy holding on with white knuckles! But right at the top you can get out and walk around and take photos, the air is so thin you get puffed just walking up a short flight of stairs, and the views are indescribable. I was thinking to myself just keep breathing in and out. Breathe in, and the air feeds your lungs and passes into the bloodstream to supply your body. Breathe out and the carbon dioxide is exited. Did you know you have a built-in instrument in your body that is designed to worship God by speaking and singing?
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