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‘His Story’ 3 – Romans

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
Why is this book in the Bible? What is its essential message? And how does it contribute to the bigger story in God’s Word? Behind the books of the Bible are stories of people trying to live out following Jesus immediately following his departure. Two weeks ago, we considered the Book of Acts and four words summed up its 28 chapters. Communication, Community, Confrontation and Confirmation. God’s extraordinary power seems connected to when these believers got into hot water or difficulty. It was opposition and persecution that resulted in the explosive growth of these believers. The Holy Spirit is not given for us to be armchair observers but bold participants in showing the world who Jesus is. To bring this up to today – you don’t sit back whinging about why people don’t come to faith and the lack of God doing powerful things here and now unless you put yourself on the edge for him! That is where He is working in power! It is easy to take cheap shots at the Church from a safe distance…. what we might call armchair theology with drinks snacks and nibbles. The main reason why we don’t see God’s power at work today in these same ways is that we don’t need God. We have the government, social welfare, hospitals, medical professionals, and we have so insulated ourselves with our wealth and our toys – even Church and faith has become a consumer-based enterprise – the latest and the best entertainment! So, come on people let's ask some harder questions, like – what does a faith community look like in the year 2021 in Auckland city? What is the message and how does it connect with today’s world? Romans’ answers questions like these.
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