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‘His Story’ 13 – Hebrews – Don’t give up on Jesus!

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
The last six books of the Bible have a clear theme running through them, which is “through suffering to glory” – and this reminds us at the outset that the pathway we tread is not an easy one. It’s rocky at times, it’s a steep climb, there are obstacles and opposition that stand in our way, therefore - Don’t give up on Jesus! Let me just share with you a few things about this book: It is written in a style of Greek that is the language of the street – not classical Greek language style – which is used more in university. It is the most Jewish of all the New Testament books (NT) and shows the clear link between the Old Testament (OT) and the NT – and the sacrificial system and Christ. We don’t know who wrote it nor to whom it was written. All of NT books until now has a genuine clear author, the book itself does not tell the author like most of the other books do. Certainly, Paul has a style of introducing himself and writing that this book does not copy
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