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‘His Story’ 12 – Titus & Philemon

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
Doing Church is sometimes hard going! We have probably all heard the saying “Our Church would be great if it wasn’t for the people”! You may also know the one about the couple in bed – and she turns over and says – “Get out of bed we are going to Church” – he replies “no, I don’t want to go, nobody likes me or talks to me, I’m not going today”. She replies; “get out of bed I’m not going to tell you again”. “No, I’m not going,” he says. She says –“you’ve got to go you’re the pastor!” As I read the books of Titus and Philemon this week it struck me again that most of these books are about people, relationships, and relating. The books have all kinds of practical teaching about fathers, employers, workers, leadership and being men and women of integrity. It’s like Paul has the same message he writes to the Thessalonians, Timothy and now Titus. Why is that I wonder? Why say the same things so many times? It’s a bit like a worn-out record! Because this is the toughest thing to do…..where faith is worked out. So the essence of the message in Titus and Philemon is how we relate to each other in the Church. Because it is that which makes God’s story in our lives attractive.
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