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Grave Over Performance – Core Values Series Part 2

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
Every morning on TV the commodities price is quoted as around the world prices for silver, gold and oil fluctuate with global trends and traumas….but there is a commodity that out prices them all – it’s the commodity of grace – its cost is the blood of God. And this thing called ‘grace’ is that which marks Christianity and sets it apart from every other religion or spirituality in the world. Many religions have their gods or followers incarnated, some even resurrected to new life but it was CS Lewis who when asked – what makes Christianity different from every other – ‘that’s easy he replied – it's grace. No other has grace. The indiscriminate unconditional free gift of God you cannot earn, merit, or buy – the undeserved favour of God – for you. And having received this ‘charis’ gift of God you are to become a conduit or ‘grace dispenser’ to others… that’s a good description of our core value today. We value ‘grace over performance’ in our relationships.
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