Ranui Sermons

Hear the word of the lord

Gospel of John – The Last Apostle

Grahame Walker
I want you to imagine for a moment the ancient but renowned city of Ephesus, ships heavy with cargo coming by the Aegean Sea bringing commercial goods from as far away as Rome. Marble quays protrude into the water, filled with products from the eastern provinces waiting for their trip west. Ephesus thrives on its celebrated status. Visitors can see any number of various temples dedicated to the Greek Gods. Some consider the temple of Atermis one of the wonders of the ancient world. Ephesus’ great theatre built into the shoulder of Mount Pion, seating twenty-five thousand guests. From the harbour travellers walk into the city along a column-lined road over nine metres wide. This reminds them of the grandeur of the city they are about to enter.
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