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God’s Think Big Will Rock Your World – Ephesians 1

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
Written by Paul during his imprisonment. The plan and purpose of God is the story behind this book. What is God’s plan and purpose for us and this world? We trod the streets of Ephesus three years ago – here we are walking down its main street…what an amazing place this is. These days its ruins are miles inland as the harbour has silted up but when Paul wrote this letter to the church it was a bustling seaport. Some photos from its remains show its library, main street and a newly excavated hill that has unearthed buildings with intricate décor. We watched as people tried to fit broken pieces together like a giant jigsaw. Many years ago NZ had a prime minister called Robbie Muldoon. And under his leadership, the country embarked upon some ‘Think Big Projects’. A number of them failed spectacularly, including the huge Methanol plant just outside New Plymouth where we lived. It was supposed to be the energy answer to oil but what we discovered years later was that nobody wanted methanol when natural gas could be produced more efficiently. But did you know that God has a think big project? Today I’m going to share it with you. But before we do that let’s just refresh ourselves with the opening verses of this chapter.
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