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Ephesians 3 – Grace and Mercy, the Culture of the Kingdom

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
We finished up two weeks ago speaking about: the body of Christ that is a working living entity and its connectedness, this new building God is making with Jesus was the cornerstone from which all alignment is to be taken; where the walls have come down between races, colours, ethnicity and cultures, wealth and even genders. In fact, there are no rules in the kingdom but one! Love God and love people. And God has done this by dismantling the two greatest barriers that prevented this from happening. The barrier between him and us and then us and each other. Instead of separation there is inclusion, instead of hierarchy there is one level for all, instead of knowledge and enlightenment for a few; all will be taught by the Spirit, instead of a top-down leadership; all people would be gifted by the Spirit. And here’s the kicker…. God had always planned it this way. Isn’t that an amazing concept….and to think that’s what we are! Now immediately I see a huge problem. We the church do not always get this right. We need to get more of the kingdom into the church! And the only way for that to happen is for the church to live out the kingdom in our daily lives. Today I want to try and answer the question - Why doesn’t the church look like the kingdom?
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