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Easter Sunday – Reversing the irreversible

Pastor Lloyd Ashworth
What struck me reading through Acts last week was the simplicity of the job description given to the disciples. Essentially it was; go tell the story, and as you go doing this the Holy Spirit will confirm your message of good news by signs. If I was to ask you what is the message of Easter I wonder what your one-sentence answer would be? Maybe something like Jesus died on the cross for our sin. But in fact, it is the resurrection that is the main event, not the cross. As much as the cross is central to our faith it is the resurrection that is the pivotal hope that guarantees our lift-off to new life! It is the resurrection that breaks the power of death and disease. It’s the resurrection that enables us to live now with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s the resurrection that seals the fate of Satan and the demonic realm. It’s the resurrection that the whole turn-key moment in history is based on. It’s the resurrection that lifts Jesus from all others and authenticates his claim to be the Son of God. It’s the resurrection that provides the way for every one of us to know that the claims Jesus made are backed up by the very power of God. Claims to heal, and forgive, and rebirth, and renew and empower and energise all find their source in the main event of Jesus life….resurrection.
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