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WOW, We are good to go! You are in for a totally God centred, crazily enjoyable team time!

We have a good number of leaders with us this year and we are blessed to have Melaina Howard as our camp helper (she is a great influence). Jasper Fityus is our Key leader with oversight over the whole team (0212078520).

Unlike previous years we are not sending a team down early to set up tents. Baring two tents we will all be in two person tents which can almost be set up blind folded (they are that easy). Because we have a good number of leaders I would prefer for discipleship reasons to have as many leaders paired up with youth for camping as possible.

5pm On the 2nd of April we aim to leave the church in cars. PLEASE get there half an hour early. We would anticipate the group getting home around 5pm on Monday the 6th. Please bring something to EAT in the car for your dinner on the trip down.

What to bring…

Obviously bring a bible and a few changes of clothes for Easter camp, your toothbrush and deodorant etc. Bring a plate, bowl, mug and cutlery (plus a tea towel). You will need a thin matters or a small stretcher and blanket/ sleeping bag. The theme of the Western Front youth groups is a military one so great to bring something appropriate. There may also be an event for those with Onezies….

I would advise you to bring a small torch and something to keep you dry if it rains (and it usually does).

Cell phones are up to you. We have not had any stolen but other youth groups have, so if you bring one don’t take it to meetings.

What you have paid for Easter camp covers all your needs. Take extra cash if you want to buy a CD, T-Shirt extra snacks.

Have and awesome, awesome time. Make sure that your tents are packed properly and dry. Get close to Jesus then come home safely.

  • Pastor Russell

NB we may need parent help with travel (will cover petrol costs)



Events for 2015

Thursday 2 to Monday 6 April– Easter Camp

This is easily the biggest event of the year for all youth and is being held at Mystery Creek, Hamilton.  We must get our youth there because it is awesome and a great way to get our youth to encounter God, hear the Gospel and form/strengthen friendships.    Easter camp is such a well-run camp where youth experience God and always seem to respond. Please click on the link below to print off a copy of the Easter Camp Registration form.

Eastercamp rego form – 2015