Mission Team to Nou 2015

2B3C1778We are planning to send a team to visit Romania in July 2015. The team members  are Ronnie Nicholson (leader), Jasper Fityus, Lily Fityus, Isabelle Paul and Jiri Demeter.


The tJiri Demeteream will be visiting the people in Nou (students, children, and families at home ) and help with a summer camp.

Summer camp

Our team will be at the summer camp for the last 3-4 days and visit Nou village afterwards.

While in the summer camp, the children are divided into groups and if any of the team members want to help, they will be able to do so as co-leaders (helping the leader of the group). They can help by playing music and even teach the children a Christian song in English, organizing some games, encourage them, share a verse/story from the Bible or personal experience, etc.


Possible meetings

Once the summer camp is over, the team will be involved in 3 different meetings with the students and children from CRI in COM (Child sponsorship programme in a community centre) program in NOU:

1. Christian Input (i.e. outreach to children) meeting at the church with all the 110   children from our program singing, recite poems, verses from the Bible, learning a short lesson



2.Separate meeting with the students who receive scholarship support via budget and SP (16 in total) at the church where they can introduce each other, the 2 men who are very musical can sing something for them, share experiences, talk about their cIMG_20131012_112251hurch in NZ, show pictures, etc.

3. Special meeting with the students outdoors – we thought of a picnic where they can sit down and have a snack (maybe sandwiches, fruits, sweets, juice) and play football or so. They can also walk around the village or visit a couple of their families(please do – I never got to do this with Liz in 2012 due to time pressure, which they had expected, so it would be great if you would visit some families in their homes).

Pastor Cornel will participate in all of our meetings in Nou.


Programme to visit and help

There is a new project that the team will visit and that is CRI in COM (Child sponsorship programme in a community centre) with Afterschool in Sighisoara. They can see the children coming from school to eat, do their homework, play/sing together and learn about God. I think this would be a great project to visit and the team will help with the preparation of the food, laying the table, etc. (These are special visits as these kids come from poor families and have probably never met others from outside Romania).


As far as sightseeing, they will visit the Village Museum and visit a Castle or go to Balea lake/mountains.


We aim to raise $15000 by May 2015. People can put gifts in envelopes in the offering marked “Nou Team”. There will be fundraising events during the first few months of the year.

 IMG_20131012_120449 Nou