IMG_4088 The mission outreach at Ranui Baptist is to support approximately seventeen    young Roma gypsy teenagers in Nou, Romania to go to school.   We do this through a mission organisation called Mission without Borders who work in conjunction with a local Baptist church in Nou. Throughout the year we receive updates on how this work is progressing.




How We Support the Impoverished Romani Youth In Nou


We finance their transport to get to school and career training at Learning Institutes in Sibiu, the nearest big town.
We help purchase stationary.
We work thIMG_4184rough the local Baptist church in Nou under compassionate and evangelistic Pastor Cornell.
We are part of a larger group knitting blankets and clothing for Nou.
We pray for Pastor Cornell, the church, its mission and the youth.
Most of our fundraising during missions month takes place through ‘self-denial’ that is where individuals and families deny themselves, coffee, puddings, outings etc. for the month and put that money into a gift at the end of May.
People can also make a donation in an envelope marked “Nou”.
Occasionally people fundraise by selling craft.


Please pray for the people of Nou.


Prayer Points P1020805

1.  God’s Holy Spirit on the church and those that come for help through the church in Nou.
2. Salvations not just amongst the youth but whole families.
3.  Whole families to be better off economically
4.  Strength, wisdom and power on Pastor Cornell and his team as there is a large group of youth coming up through the scheme.
5. Godly relationships amongst the youth and church










Outcomes from our partnership with the local Baptist Church in Nou

Two of the original youth have now become leaders in the church.  Several have been saved.
Many IMG_4196are now in jobs and their families are out of poverty because of Ranui Baptist Church.
One parent commented with tears in her eyes, that if it weren’t for the church in Nou and Ranui, her boys would probably become shepherds (going out with the sheep in different fields for many months and come back home a few times a year). But now, one is a car mechanic and the other works at a construction company. It is a real blessing for the whole family.
Children are being born into homes that can feed them.
Pastor Cornell will now require all beneficiaries to come to bible study