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Baptist & Christian links and various resources

Baptist Union of New Zealand

The Baptist denomination is a network of local churches (Baptist Union of churches), held together by common belief and practice.
New Zealand’s Christian Search website.

Where Christians find products, services and ministries.

Bible studies, courses and resources

Alpha New Zealand
The Alpha course is a 15-session practical introduction to the Christian faith. It is designed primarily for non-churchgoers and new Christians… Here are links to the Alpha Film Series: Episode 1: Is There More To Life Than This, Episode 2: Who Is Jesus?, Episode 3: Why Did Jesus Die?  The Password to access these videos is: beginthegreatestadventurenow

Answers in Genesis
Helps equipping Christians to provide answers to a “doubting” world in a so-called age of science.

Laidlaw College
Laidlaw College (formally Bible College of New Zealand) have been teaching, training and mentoring for Christians for years. They have centres around the country, and also do extramural study through their Centre for Distance Learning.
Provides completely free bible course resources.
The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching scripture online — all in the language or translation of your choice and more…

Carey Baptist College
Carey is a Bible and Theological College where you can train for mission, ministry, and formation for whatever context God places you in. Carey is a missional training college based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Christian Answers Network
There primary goal is to provide accurate, biblical answers on a wide variety of questions asked by Christians and non-Christians.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
This site has useful study tools including an online Study Bible
and Bible Browser, Free Christian classic books and more…

E – SWORD is completely free to download and make a very useful software package enabling you to a fast and effective way to study the Bible.

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Centre
(IDEA) Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting intelligent design theory and fostering discussion and a better understanding over intelligent design theory and the creation-evolution issue among students, educators, churches, and anyone else interested.

Koinonia House Online
K-House was founded by Chuck and Nancy Missler to create, develop, and distribute materials to stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

Logos Bible Software
Top of the range software, from Home Library to Scholar’s Library.


Life fm
An upbeat Christian radio station aimed at youth and young adults.  If you thought Christian music was boring, you might want to change your mind…

New Zealand’s Rhema
New Zealand’s source for inspirational Christian music, interviews, news broadcasting and The Word For Today.

Southern Star
Quieter, easy-listening Christian music.

Shine TV
A Christian TV channel available through Sky Digital, who provides New Zealand viewers with a Television Channel which upholds traditional values, humbly communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourages people to be salt and light in the community.

Pastor Tim’s Clean Laughs
Good clean jokes, images and more!

The Stream TV
This is a great source for Bible Study for those with broadband internet.


The Bible League
The Bible League’s ministry provides the Scriptures people need and make sure those Scriptures are used for evangelism, discipleship, and church growth.

Child Evangelism Fellowship is an international, Bible centred faith ministry and a fellowship of Christians dedicated to reaching and leading children to Christ.

Living Waters
Living Waters Publications is an interdenominational ministry whose purpose is to educate God’s people in the principles of Biblical evangelism…


Carey Park Christian Camp
Carey Park Christian Camp  – Schools, Church Groups, Holiday & Speciality Camps that aim to Glorify God by presenting the Christian Gospel and providing a camping experience that reflects Christian Values.

Focus on the Family New Zealand
Focus on the Family New Zealand have a large range of resources to enable you to build up your family and strengthen your relationships. They can send you there latest newsletters with valuable tips and hints on how to grow your family.
Maxim Institute’s mission is to, through policy and public debate, promote the principles of a free, just and compassionate society. Is this the land you dreamed of?

Parents Inc
Parents Inc is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making life better for parents and their kids. they offer a wide range of programmes to encourage and support parents. These include Hot Tips seminars on parenting and relationships, Toolbox small-group parenting programmes, Attitude high school programmes, resources and publications.

Rally New Zealand
Rally is an exciting programme for children and young adults that has been run by churches throughout New Zealand since 1944. The objectives of the Rally Movement are: To build strong Christian Character (Spiritual) To increase knowledge and understanding (Educational) To develop physical fitness, confidence and team co-operation..


Ariel Ministries
Ariel Ministries, created to evangelize and disciple our Jewish brethren, has been born from necessity to meet an urgent need. Ariel means “Lion of God, representing the Messiah Yeshua as the Lion of Judah”. It is also an alternate name for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1)—the city of peace now waiting for the Prince of Peace to return.

Christians for Israel International
Christians for Israel is an international spiritual movement of Christians who recognise the return of the Jewish people to Israel as fulfilment of biblical prophecy and a major sign pointing toward the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Israel is in the midst of a battle for public opinion—waged primarily via the media. To ensure Israel is represented fairly and accurately HonestReporting monitors the media, exposes cases of bias, promotes balance, and effects change through education and action.

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was founded in 1980 by Christians from around the world as an act of solidarity with the Jewish people’s 3,000-year-old claim and connection to Jerusalem.