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Kia ora and welcome Brothers and Sisters

Ranui Baptist Church was founded in 1967. The Church has seen a number of changes both large and small over the years. Since its founding the Church has been involved in the community in many different ways. We have a passion to see the lost saved and then for them to grow in maturity as believers in Jesus Christ and impact their neighbors, the community and the world. If you would like to join us in this mission come and see us.

Our services on Sunday are  at 9am and 11am which are family orientated and 6 pm which varies and covers different tastes.. The Church office is open from 9 am to 1 pm week days and we have a number of different groups operating out of the Church each week. Please take a look at our Activities and Groups page to see if there is something your passionate about and join us.

Sample Sermon

Mission Statement

To be a church family of servants, meeting in multiple services; where everyone of every generation and culture is involved in ministry. Where people are lead to Christ and discipled through genuine, faith building friendships. A church where new believers are quickly set free, healed and released in to their God given ministries. To be a church that is known for His power and His practical love. A church that knows the urgency of the hour.


We believe that over the next five years we will become a real Christian community, where everyone, every age, feels they belong. Where people are ‘alive in Christ’ set free and serving. Where we each see our role in the family not as consumers but as servants, young and old each serving according to their spiritual gifts and passions.

A Church where spiritual and practical needs are met continually. Where the love in the church family and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit means that we are all naturally living contagious Christian lives (constantly seeing people come to a saving faith primarily through personal friendship evangelism). We expect a multiplication of multicultural congregations.


We invite you to test everything taught in this church not against your opinion, experience or tradition but against the Bible.
The attitude we should all have is to serve and not be served. To become such a loving humble people that we will not take offence.
When concerned for a brother or sister in this church we should only go to them if our desire is to help and bless them. We should never share our concerns about someone in the church unless it is to take that person with us to lovingly help the person being
discussed who is struggling.
Never criticize our leaders. Instead when concerns arise go to them humbly or/and pray for them.
We have a fantastic church family here! We value our relationships with each other and God.

God’s family is special. We’d love you to join us here.

Beliefs and Values

  • If we really do love our neighbours and are obeying the great commission we will always be growing numerically.
  • We will always put the needs of the pre-Christian and young Christian above our own.
  • The hope of the world, Jesus Christ, is primarily communicated through the local church.
  • Every church group/activity must have a kingdom purpose and kingdom fruit to justify its existence.
  • We value relationships above programmes.
  • Rather than finding people to fill positions we will be guided by people’s giftings and passions and run only ministries that ‘the church’ creates.
  • We will not fear letting some established ministries cease if people aren’t called of God to run them, or if there is no kingdom fruit.
  • We believe that ‘we’ are the temples of the Holy Spirit (not the church buildings).
  • We need to become a church that will reach our grandchildren. This will constantly challenge our comfort zone.
  • We encourage the church family to make fellowship together during the week a high priority.
  • The best way to care for each other is through small care groups. This is the primary way of caring for all ages.
  • The local church should be a place where leaders are honoured and all who minister often are affirmed.
  • We believe that God has primarily called us to be a mission station to reach West Auckland for the Kingdom.
  • We believe God is at work drawing them to Jesus Christ and so we expect a good kingdom response to our sharing our faith with our friends!

Time is short. Christ’s return is imminent.
The hour to act is now.

Contact Us

Physical address is:
464 Swanson Rd Mail: PO Box 700-40, Ranui
The Church is located on the corner of Swanson & Greenock Roads in Ranui.
Church Office Phone (09) 833 7815
Fax (09) 832 523